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“She’s My Cherry Pie” Sorbet

What you’ll need:


Equipment: Food processor


Ingredients: 7 large bananas, 2 cups of cherries, 1 tablespoon almond extract

Step 1:

Pitt the cherries and peel the bananas, then freeze them overnight or however long it take until they’re frozen solid.. Remove frozen bananas and cherries from freezer and allow to thaw for approximately 10 minutes at room temperature. This will allow the food processor to puree them a lot easier.

Step 2:

Toss frozen bananas and cherries into the food processor, as well as the almond extract. Be sure that the bowl and blade are locked into position before you add the ingredients.


Step 3:

Locked and loaded? Time to turn on your food processor. If you don’t have one of these  you could use a blender, but be sure that it is a high-speed blender, like a Vitamix and tamper the shit out of it.

Note: If the fruit is too hard then you can add a bit of water, little by little through the feed. The water helps the fruit to move around in the bowl by softening it slightly. Be careful because if you add too much you get a smoothie. You’ve been warned! If you’re using a blender, you may need to add a bit more water.


Sometimes your sorbet needs a bit of help. If it starts to ball up on the side turn it off, remove the lid and carefully separate the ball with a spatula throughout the bowl. Then lock the lid back into place and turn it back on. On occasion I’ve had to do this step a couple of times. Trust me, the juice is worth the squeeze!


Step 4:

Scoop and serve!



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Red Velvet Cake Smoothie

What you’ll need:


Ingredients: 7 large bananas, 1 tablespoon cacao powder (you can always substitute with carob powder), 1 pipette Sweet Leaf Sweet Drops Vanilla Creme, 2 cups fresh cherries, 2 cups ice cubes.

Note: You will also need water to your liking.


Equipment: Blender

Step 1:

Peel the bananas and pit the cherries. I you can pit the cherries with your fingers, a knife or a cherry pitter, but I like to pit them in my mouth (do not attempt when serving others). Toss the fruit into your blender, along with the vanilla drops and cacao powder.


Step 2:

Add ice and water to your liking. I used to like my smoothies really thick so I would use less water, but nowadays I like them quite “liquidy” so I use more water; it’s a matter of preference.


Step 3:



Step 4:

Pour into your favorite glass and enjoy! However, you could always just chug it out of the blender.


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Fruit Haul – June 23rd, 2014


Peaches, Cherries, Bananas, Dates, Potatoes, Pasta, Crushed Tomatoes

I didn’t post a fruit haul last week because we didn’t go to our usual wholesaler, instead we took daily trips to the grocery store. This wasn’t the best idea because it ended up being way more expensive and we gave into the occasional temptation (shaking fist to the air “Uncle Eddie’s Vegan Chocolate Chip with Walnut Cookies!“). Anyways, this week we put on our big girl panties and returned to our healthier habits. The fruit is from our usual wholesaler and the rest is from the grocery store… two birds, one stone.



These smell INCREDIBLE, but they’re still not ready to eat, I give ’em a couple of days before they soften and sweeten up. We haven’t had stone fruit since last summer so we just couldn’t resist picking up a few flats of these peaches.


Dark Cherries

I really enjoy eating cherries, it takes me back to my childhood when we used to pick wild cherries off of the trees in Jamaica. They were different cherries there, the seeds weren’t stone seeds, but they were hella good either way! A while back we bought a case of cherries and they cost us a pretty penny so I didn’t think we’d be purchasing another case this year. However, the price has dropped about 50% so we snagged a case before the season is over.



Because they are practically perfect in every way!


Organic Medjool Dates

Two weeks ago we got a case of medjool dates with the full intention of making datorade because I had never tried it before. Well, as usual we gobbled them down so quickly that it totally slipped our minds and here we are again, round two. Hopefully we’ll remember this week.


Organic Russet Potatoes

Last week we experimented with potato and sweet potato “fries” and they were fantastic! Little bit of ketchup and it’s a full on mouth party. This week we’re sticking to the potato Bloody overly expensive potatoes, might I add.


San Marzano Crushed Tomatoes

These are my favorite canned tomatoes because they have the best flavor. They’re super sweet, I just wish they were organic with no added salt. Either way, love them!


Assorted Pasta

Carbs, carbs, carbs! Though pasta gets a shitty reputation thanks to all the fatkins diet spinoffs, us high-carb, low-fat vegans know better. We usually go for corn pasta, but that can get really expensive really quick. We decided to compromise on this wheat pasta because it’s got a good flavor and an awesome texture. Also, the variety of shapes offered keeps it interesting.

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What I Ate Today – May 21st, 2014



Fresh Grapefruit Juice: 4 cups – 385.32* calories

Cherries: 1 lb – 285.76* calories

Total Breakfast Calories: 671.08*



Watermelon: 46 oz – 391.22* calories

Grapes: 10.5 oz – 205.39* calories

Total Lunch Calories: 596.61*



Water: 4 cups – 0* calories

Steamed Jasmine Rice: 12 oz – 442.25* calories

Boiled Potatoes: 12 oz – 258.55* calories

Field Roast Sausage – Mexican Chipotle: 1/2 serving – 120* calories

Pureed Orange Bell Pepper: 2 oz – 15.3* calories

Cilantro: 0.25 oz – 1.65* calories

Total Dinner Calories: 842.4*

Total Breakdown:

Calories: 2110.09*

Carbs 87%* : Protein 8%* : Fats 5%*

* All caloric quantities are calculated on Cronometer

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What I Ate Today – May 14th, 2014



Water: 4 cups – 0* calories

Cherries: 1 lb (with pits) – 282.56* calories

Red Grapes: 1 lb – 312.98* calories

Total Breakfast Calories: 595.5*



Watermelon: 2 lbs 12 oz – 374.21* calories

Total Lunch Calories: 374.21*



Water: 4 cups – 0* calories

Ancient Harvest Supergrain Spaghetti: 8 0z – 820* calories

a RAWky Road Bolognese Sauce: 1/2 recipe – 336.22* calories

Total Dinner Calories: 1156.22*

Total Breakdown:

Calories: 2125.93*

Carbs 85.4%* : Protein 9.2%* : Fats 5.4%*

* All caloric quantities are calculated on Cronometer

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What I Ate Today – May 12th, 2014



Orange Juice: 4 cups – 446.4* calories

Pineapple: 13.5 oz – 191.36* calories

Total Breakfast Calories: 637.76*



Grapefruit Juice: 3 cups – 288.99* calories

Cherries: 1 lb (with pits) – 282.56* calories

Red Grapes: 1 lb – 312.98* calories

Total Lunch Calories: 884.53* 



Steamed Basmati Rice: 12 oz – 442.25* calories

Boiled Potatoes: 12 oz – 258.55* calories

Field Roast Sausage – Mexican Chipotle: 1/2 serving – 125* calories

Total Dinner Calories: 825.8*

Total Breakdown:

Calories: 2348.09*

Carbs 88.5%* : Protein 7.1%* : Fats 4.5%*

* All caloric quantities are calculated on Cronometer

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Fruit Haul – May 12th, 2014

It’s customary that my husband and I pick up a fruit haul on Mondays and this week was no different. We try to entertain ourselves with different fruits each week, so that we don’t get too bored with the same thing – I’m looking at you bananas! Spring and summer are our favorite seasons because most of our favorite fruits are available.


Watermelon, Pineapple, Cantaloupe, Grapefruit, Grapes, Cherries

We spent a little more than usual today because I wanted to get cherries. I seem to always short live or miss cherry season entirely, which is why I wanted to indulge this year. I doubt I’ll get another case because they are so pricey, so I will savor each and every one of them.


Dulcinea Watermelon

These watermelons are known for their bright red insides that are high in sugar. We got a couple of cases back in late March and early April and they weren’t so great so we’re really hoping that they’re better this time around. I love watermelon, it’s so refreshing on a warm day and super hydrating as well.


Delmonte Gold Pineapple

Bigger than the ones we usually get, we’re jazzed about these puppies. They won’t be ready until the weekend though, patience.


Costa Rican Cantaloupe

I love blending these (peel and seed please) to make a refreshing smoothie – no water needed, just a bit of elbow grease with my Vitamix tamper.


Texas Ruby Red Grapefruit

These are the best grapefruits we have found to date. They are so sweet and delicious. I’m not the hugest fan of eating them whole, I’d much rather juice them.


Red Seedless Grapes

Many people  don’t know it, but grapes are high calorie fruits, compared to others. They make the perfect movie snack and a meal itself. Ever tried juicing them? You’re welcome.


Dark Cherries

Hello, gorgeous! I love me some big, fat, juicy cherries and I am so happy we got these. They’re so sweet and tasty, but chances are this is a once a year purchase.

So what did you think of this fruit haul? Is there anything that you’re excited about that is coming into season? I know I can’t wait to go berry picking at the local farms here in Portland.