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5 Favorite Things – June 2014

1. Garmin


At the beginning of June I set a goal to do some sort of activity everyday of the month. I managed to do so until I got injured (more on that next) and my Garmin Forerunner 910xt was my BFF. I also had to include the heart rate strap and the foot pod because I a stickler for tracking data and this combo is an athletes’ (or athlete in training) wet dream!

2. Tree to Tree Aerial Adventure Park


Move from “Tree to Tree” using platforms and obstacles in an aerial playground set high in the trees, while fully secured by a harness at all times. Adults enjoy a six colored course that graduates in height & difficulty that takes approximately 3 hours to complete. It includes 19 zip lines and over 60 treetop elements and obstacles of wobbly bridges, tight ropes, balance beams and more!

I totally ate shit around the second course and fractured my little toe on my left foot. I internalized the pain and told no one because I’m a “completionist” and had to finish all the courses. Regardless, this obstacle course is the most fun I’ve had in a while and it’s a total body workout; I was feeling the burn for a week. What an amazing experience and we cannot wait to return once my foot has healed.

3. Athletic Tape


So, as previously mentioned, I fractured my little toe on my left foot. I usually suck at taking care of myself after an injury, be that as it may, at my husbands’ behest I am trying to this time around. It’s the first time I’ve ever broken anything and the sensation is utterly bizarre. Though I’ve known previously of the many attributes of athletic tape, I can’t help but shine light on this simple, yet effective tool.

4. Everlane T-Shirts


It just so happens that I’ve been sporting my gorgeous, comfy, white Everlane t-shirts all month long. I have a few and I’ve noticed that I’ve just been alternating them all month long. They’re so soft and they go with everything. I’m so glad I found this brand because I doubt I’ll ever buy a plain shirt from anywhere else, not just because of the phenomenal quality of the products, but also because of the transparency and nature of the company.

5. Lavanilla The Healthy Deodorant


I don’t believe in antiperspirants due to their many dangers, but I do appreciate a good natural deodorant. Who wants to smell like a freshly sliced onion anyways? Not me! I usually use Schmidt’s Deodorant, but I wanted something that I could apply without my fingers. I did a wee bit of research and found Lavanilla and very much like the product. I’ve got it in three scents: vanilla grapefruit (pictured above), vanilla summer and pure vanilla and they are all delightful.


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5 Favorite Things – May 2014

1. Trail Running


We’re lucky to live a few blocks away from a nature park and when the weather is lovely we often head out for either a long walk or a quick trail run trough the trees. I used to run exclusively on a treadmill, but after miles in this park I can’t even imaging pounding a belt.

2. Ciruli Brothers Champagne Mangoes


No matter the circumstances, when I see Ciruli Brothers champagne mangoes I get them. These mangoes are so sweet, juicy, creamy, buttery and flavorful. In total we got 18 cases of these bad boys just in the month of May! If that’s not an indication of how much we love them then I don’t know what is.

3. Forever 21 Paradise Strappy Maxi Dress

Paradise Strappy Maxi Dress

I’ve worn this dress at least twice a week since I got it and each and every time I get a swarm of compliments. It’s so comfortable, carefree and the colors are stunning too.

4. Paula’s Choice RESIST BHA 9


I Know I haven’t been using the line for very long, but I have already seen improvement in my skin with each use of this product. I apply it as a spot treatment after my pm skincare routine and by the next morning my pores were clearer and less noticeable.

5. Freelee and Durianrider


I’ve been following both of these fruit bats on and off for a while now, but I’ve submerged myself back into their videos and they’ve become my go-to support crew. I appreciate their honesty and their message, plus they consistently pump out videos so I feel like I’m always among friends. Visit their youtube pages, if you’re into the vegan, raw vegan and raw ’till 4 scene (and somehow don’t know who they are) then forget everyone else, they are the main peeps to follow.