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Post-Injury Blues

sad puppy

If you’ve never been there, then you’re lucky. I’ve got a passport filled with stamps from Sprained Ankle-ton, Tendonitis-ville, and most recently Broken Toe-town, among others. It sucks! As of late I’ve been throwing myself a pity-party, where whine and sulk are appropriately featured on the menu.

The simple fact of the matter is that physical harm and suffering associated with a serious injury can often have an impact on mental health. The emotional trauma of a sudden and severe injury can increase the risk of a person developing anxiety, such as Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or depression. A person’s mental health can be further affected when serious injuries result in a loss of skills (I miss running and cycling and just being active) and opportunities (I had to cancel my much-anticipated ballet course); being unable to participate in everyday activities such as work (meh… I’m lucky I currently work from home), study and socializing; worries about finances and the future.

Be that as it may, I’m trying to get myself out of this funk and I’ve devised a little post-injury do’s and don’ts list to help:


  • Laugh! It’s the best medicine.
  • Snuggle with a loved one, human or fury creature.
  • Try to exercise in whatever way you can – even if it’s just stretching.
  • Reach out to others for support and distractions.
  • Concentrate on brightening someone else’s day.
  • Use your down time to do that thing that you never have time to do… finish that book, start painting, learn a new language.
  • Write in your journal… or blog, case in point.
  • Attitude of gratitude. Make a list of all the things you are grateful for.
  • Read a little bit of an uplifting book every day – I recommend Igniting Your Life by John McCabe.
  • Make sure to hydrate and carb up.
  • Rest. You need to heal!
  • Meditate.
  • Light candles. Play soothing music. Turn your home into a healing atmosphere.


  • Sit around moping and feeling sorry for yourself.
  • Compare yourself to others and assume everyone else is having the best time ever.
  • Isolate and ignore emails and phone calls.
  • Sit around analyzing your life.
  • Focus only on what’s going wrong.
  • Give up on moving your body at all.
  • Enter a media coma.
  • Think about all of the things you’re missing out on.

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Ballet Classes At 28

This just in: Cakes has signed up for ballet classes at Bodyvox – fashionably late at 28?

By now you must be aware of my love for being active. I love to run, cycle, hike and dance. I recently got into ballet via the Ballet Beautiful dvds and I’ve loved it so much that I impulsively signed up for classes. Now, let’s not beat around to bush, I’m old. Most people take their first ballet class before their  teeth start falling out, but the class I signed up for is catered to adults that have never studied ballet before. Eitherway, I’m not going to let my age stop me from doing something that I love. #babysteps (I still don’t know what hashtags do on Twitter #loser?)

Absolute Beginning Ballet Level 1

BodyVox-Absolute Beginning Ballet-Christopher Peddecord

If you have never studied ballet, this is the class for you. Developed for beginning adult dancers, Absolute Beginning Ballet focuses on the basic movements and foundations of ballet technique. This session will be a perfect refresher for those who have taken class before or as a great jumpstart for the complete beginner.

Classes start next month and I’m a little nervous. I really hope this is a true beginners class because I’m a total novice and I don’t want to slow everyone down. I don’t know the positions or steps and what on earth do I wear to class? Are we expected to show up in leotards (I’ve got that covered, check out my recent haul here) and tights or is it more of a yoga/ Pilates outfits kind of vibe? Barefoot or ballet slippers? I’ll give them a call come Monday with all my questions.

It’s been ages since I took a dance class… I believe it was belly dancing three years ago, which btw was super fun and highly recommended.

I don’t know what’s gotten into me lately, but I like it. I’m doing something active everyday to get that blood circulating and heart pumping. It feels so good, I feel so alive, life is good!