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English Toffee Smoothie


What you’ll need:


Ingredients: 7 large bananas, 1 tablespoon cacao powder (you can always substitute with carob powder), 1 pipette Sweet Leaf Sweet Drops English Toffee, ice cubes.

Note: You will also need water to your liking.


Equipment: Blender (surprise!)

Step 1:

Peel the bananas and pack them into your blender. Follow with the cacao powder and the english toffee drops.



 Step 2:

Add ice and water to your liking. I used to like my smoothies really thick so I would use less water, but nowadays I like them quite “liquidy” so I use more water; it’s a matter of preference. 


Step 3:

Blend until completely smooth in texture.


Step 4:

Tuck in!



3 thoughts on “English Toffee Smoothie

  1. How creative!

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