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An Account For My Hiatus

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A week is not a long time to take a break from posting on a blog. However, a RAWky road is my outlet and I’ve missed it, so let me account for my hiatus.

After my food poisoning I decided to go raw to clean out my system and it worked. The problem was that our fruit wasn’t ripe yet so I couldn’t carb up as much as I wanted (don’t worry, I was still eating). Consequently, I was rather tired and moody, as well as struggling with cravings and I just wasn’t inspired to write.

I had forgotten how amazing bananas were. I plan on reintroducing them as a staple to our diet because they really turned my digestion around and I am so thankful. It’s actually impressive how healing they are and I might even dedicate an entire post to them here pretty soon.

I’ve also been busier than usual this past week. I decided to challenge myself for the month of June and do some sort of activity everyday of the month. So far I’ve cycled 24.5 miles, ran 6.9 miles of trails, hiked 9.9 miles and done Ballet Beautiful (I’m hooked, review coming at some point) twice.

I’m a bit sore already, but I’m also not trying to overdo it by going all out. I think it’s important to be active everyday and after yo-yo exercising and multiple running injuries over the years I know my limits. I’m immensely proud of my first week as I had been quite sedentary March through mid-May and I’m looking forward to what’s in store for the rest of the month.

I do expect to get back into the swing of posting more regularly, but first I have a small backlog of posts from last week that I intend on posting either today or tomorrow… stay tuned.

Hope you all have had a great weekend and remember: sleep, sugar, water, sweat!


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